Plantronics Quick-Disconnect Plug Converts to Jabra / GN Netcom QD Adapter Cable

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Part Number: CB-PL03

The GN P10 Converter is designed to connect GN Netcom headsets to Plantronics P10 two prong telephone Amplifiers or Plantronics M12 Vista Amplifier. The Plantronics P10 amplifier cord or M12 Coiled Cord is permantly connected and connot be removed. The end user simply connects the GN Netcom headset into one side of the GN P10 Converter. The other side of the converter connects to the Plantronics P10 QD or M12 QD.

Key Features:

  • Easy to install
  • For use with GN Netcom headets to Plantronics P10 & M12 adapters
  • Quick disconnect
  • Works on Quick-Disconnect terminal connections

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